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Leasing | Locate Property


You can trust that Locate Property won’t just find you any tenant. We’ll find you the perfect tenant. Our dedicated team are here to take care of your leasing matters. Find out more here.

Property Maintenance | Locate Property

Property Maintenance

Our industry leading Property Maintenance policies ensure that both the landlord and the tenants concerns are diligently and professional tended to. Find out more about our Property Maintenance policies.  

Routine Inspections | Locate Property

Routine Inspections

At Locate Property, the care of your Investment Property is one of our primary focused. Depending on your needs, we carry out routine inspections up to 4 times per year.

Landlord Insurance | Locate Property

Landlord Insurance

Locate provides landlords with financial peace of mind under the Corp Sure Insurance Policy. Find out what you’re covered for under the Corp Sure Insurance Policy by clicking here.

Tenant Management | Locate Property

Tenant Management

A proven track record of handling any and all tenant concerns or queries regarding your property. Our dedicated staff ensure every situation is handled in a professional, efficient and successful manner. 

Free Rental Appraisal | Locate Property

Free Rental Appraisal

Like many home owners, you’re likely curious what value your home or rental property may hold. Fill out the form provided to receive your Free Rental Appraisal.