Meet Suzana Wade

No one knows Brisbane Property Management like Suzana Wade.  Awarded the Best Brisbane Property Manager / BDM

Suzana Wade – Principal of Locate Property

Suzana Wade, a well-known and respected corporate executive, brings a wealth of experience to the Brisbane property management sector and was recently named The Researcher’s Best Brisbane Property Manager (BDM). Suzana combines her passion for Brisbane property management with her sales skills and knowledge gained over the last 20 years to produce incredible results. The principal / licensee of Locate Property is a Brisbane Real Estate industry powerhouse who currently holds a full agents licence and has won numerous awards throughout her career.

Suzana has always excelled in whatever field she has chosen, and her transition into property management is no exception. Given her experience as the operations manager for Stefan’s Queensland and the sales manager for another large multinational cosmetics brand, it is clear that she has a competitive attitude and a knack for success. Suzana was a successful sales agent who was recognised as the top auction lister and business development manager in her office prior to becoming a Brisbane property manager. Because of her experience and background in entrepreneurship, she was able to identify the need for a high-quality service for landlords in the Brisbane property management sector. Suzana is now a well-known property management expert.

She is one of the most reputable Brisbane property management agents, and she has built strong, trusting relationships with her clients. Throughout her real estate career, she has earned a reputation for being tenacious, diligent, and an excellent communicator. This confluence of desired characteristics that landlords frequently seek is uncommon. So it’s no surprise that her clients have discovered that she consistently goes above and beyond what they expect, delivering great results with high profits and low vacancy rates. Suzana takes pride in her motivation and honesty. She is committed to providing you with peace of mind and, most importantly, excellent results for your investment. 

Locate Property is Suzana’s blueprint for the Brisbane property management industry. It exemplifies Suzana’s guiding principles, commitment, and high-quality service. You can be confident that working with Locate Property and discovering why Suzana is regarded as the Best Brisbane Property Manager (BDM) will be a fantastic experience that you will enjoy just as much as Suzana enjoyed creating it for you.



Experience Matters

Suzana has over 20 years of experience in Business Development, Sales and Brisbane Property Management.

Suzana brings all of this experience into Locate Property, where she continuously delivers exceptional results to her clients.

Personal, Reliable Service

Suzana has a passion for providing her landlords with a personal and reliable Property Management service.

With an unquenchable desire for excellence, Suzana will not stop until she provides her clients with the best possible results.

Always Puts The Client First

It’s not uncommon for Property Managers to treat you as “just another client”. This is not a philosophy that Suzana shares.

Suzana ensures your needs and concerns are always at the forefront of her mind.

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