Property Managers in Brisbane. Rent Crisis, leaders to step up

Property Managers in Brisbane. Rent Crisis, leaders to step up

Property Manager Brisbane
Property Manager Brisbane

Many Brisbane tenants are having trouble making ends meet due to the city’s housing affordability crisis. Property managers in Brisbane have a critical role to play in tackling these issues, even as governments and industry bodies attempt to develop solutions. 

A property manager in Brisbane, like Suzana Wade of Locate Property, points out that people in the property management industry should stop waiting to be told what to do and start to implement changes and take the initiative to put down solutions that have a lasting impact on the coal face.  

Too many property managers are claiming expert status and offering nothing to the solution..  Leadership in this crisis means doing what needs to be done and doing it in a way that has an impact that counts for both tenants and landlords.  This involves providing renters with flexible rent payment options, integrating necessary services, and making every effort to ensure their safety and property security. 

Property managers in Brisbane that show real concern for their tenants’ welfare typically attract and retain renters who are more loyal, trustworthy, and proud of their rental homes. This has a knock-on effect for those owners lucky enough to have a property manager who sees the value in providing these solutions for the current crop of tenants.  

High property prices, increasing credit scores and finance requirements, and inflation that diminishes purchasing power are all obstacles for many Brisbane tenants hoping to one day own their own home. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have access to rental housing, especially affordable rental housing. Working with tenants, governments, and industry groups, property managers can take the lead in finding solutions to the housing affordability challenge.

Individuals and families, the housing market, and policymakers all need to work together to solve the housing affordability challenge. Property managers in Brisbane have a responsibility to meet the needs of their tenants, who should continue to put their necessities ahead of their wishes. Property managers in Brisbane may lead the way towards a more just and sustainable housing market by seizing the reins and making necessary adjustments now.

Whilst the REIQ is fighting the good fight against these crazy new rent reform laws that will only worsen the housing supply and therefore place more pressure on rental price, property managers in Brisbane need to be next in line to effect change. For more Articles on Real Estate trending topics like this follow me HERE

Property Management Brisbane – Current Rental Reform laws.

Property Management Brisbane – Current Rental Reform laws.

property management Brisbane
property management Brisbane

A property management Brisbane firm, Locate Property, founded by Suzana Wade, who is now speaking out against the state government’s new rental reform regulations. Beginning on July 1, 2023, rent hikes are only allowed to occur once per year as a result of new laws established by the government. However, as a result of the transition arrangements, any rent increases that were previously agreed upon in the lease will also be null and void as of this date.

Ms. Wade and Antonia Mercorella, chief executive officer of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ), have both expressed displeasure with the retroactive nature of the new legislation. Ms. Mercorella has cast doubt on the legitimacy of the government’s choice to disregard previously negotiated contracts. Ms. Wade counters by saying the government’s action is unwise and may have lasting effects on Queensland’s real estate market.

Property Management Brisbane companies like Ms. Wade’s are worried that the State Government of Queensland’s ongoing stream of legislative changes may discourage property investors from putting money into the state. She warns that watering down property investor rights might have dire ramifications for Queensland’s rental market, as private investors are the primary source of housing for the state’s 1.5 million renters.

Ms. Mercorella has warned the government against being overly prescriptive when revising rental laws. She thinks the measures need to strike a good balance between protecting tenants and enticing investors to remain in Queensland. Ms. Mercorella warns that ignoring the importance of property investors could have disastrous effects on the rental sector in the state.

As a result, it’s safe to say that neither Ms. Wade nor Ms. Mercorella approve of the state government’s new rental reform regulations. They contend that these regulations could have a significant negative impact on the state’s rental market and all property management Brisbane firms as it will undermine property investors’ confidence in Queensland. They advocate for reforming the state’s rental laws in a way that is both thoughtful and balanced, protecting renters’ rights while also acknowledging the role of property investors.

To access Stage 2 of the proposed Rental Reform laws Click HERE

Renting in Brisbane – Prices to hit further highs within 12 months

Renting in Brisbane – Prices to hit further highs within 12 months

Renting in Brisbane
Renting in Brisbane

Locate Property’s Suzana Wade predicts that renting in Brisbane is about to get even harder with record rent increases over the next 12 months. Tenants throughout the country have another rough year ahead of them as rental costs continue to rise, as seen by recent statistics from PropTrack. According to the data, rentals across the country have increased by 2 percent in the first quarter, to a median of $500 per week.

In the past year alone, rents have increased by 11%, which is the biggest annual increase seen since before the epidemic. Rents in the nation’s capital increased by 4% from the last quarter of 2022 to the March quarter, bringing the yearly increase to an astounding 13%. Meanwhile, rents in the region have climbed by 2.2% from the fourth quarter of 2017 to the first quarter of 2018 (an annual increase of 4.5%).

Particularly in renting in Brisbane but also in Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth, rents are rising “at an extremely rapid pace,” as the paper emphasises. In fact, Perth rents increased by 9 percent in the most recent quarter. PropTrack’s analysts are sounding the alarm that rent increases are likely to persist due to the current tight rental market. Particularly true in nation’s capital, where rent hikes have remained steady since they first began to accelerate in early 2022. As the pandemic has progressed, rent rises have slowed in the regions.

Except for the Australian Capital Territory and remote South Australia, rental prices rose across the country in the March quarter. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has lately paused its long-running cycle of interest rate hikes, opting to maintain a cash rate of 3.6 percent instead of raising it. However, rising rental costs show little signs of slowing down. Therefore, renters everywhere will be hit even harder than usual this year.

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First Home Buyers –  Here are the Top 10 Suburbs in Brisbane

First Home Buyers – Here are the Top 10 Suburbs in Brisbane

First home Buyers Brisbane Real Estate
First home Buyers Brisbane Real Estate

Suzana Wade, a Brisbane real estate expert and Principal / Licensee at Locate Property, has seen firsthand how rapidly the Brisbane landscape has changed, especially for first home buyers looking to enter the market for the first time.  

To help make the process easier, Suzana has now published her list of the top 10 suburbs that first home buyers should be looking into when making their decision on how to source an area that will allow them to enter the property market.  

Brisbane is wide and diverse and Suzana’s greatest advice for first home buyers is be flexible, this isn’t your forever home, this is your first home.


About 40 kilometres west of Brisbane’s CBD is the developing suburb of Ripley. It’s the ideal combination of metropolitan conveniences and natural beauty, thanks to the abundance of parks, lakes, and hiking trails. Single-family homes in Ripley cost about $440,000 on average, while a unit will cost about $295,000 on average.


Ipswich, a historic suburb of Brisbane, is located 40 kilometres west of the city proper. It has easy access to major roads and public transportation, and it is home to both historical sites and modern amenities. Houses in Ipswich cost about $330,000 on average, while apartments cost about $235,000 on average.


Caboolture is a developing suburb 45 kilometres north of Brisbane’s central business district. An up-and-coming suburb of Brisbane, just a short drive from the Sunshine Coast’s idyllic beaches. The area is rural and charming, with plenty of parks, shops, and schools. The average apartment price in Caboolture will run you around $210,000, while a house will set you back around $325,000.


Just 35 kilometres north of Brisbane’s central business district, Burpengary is another promising suburb on the city’s periphery. There are plenty of parks, stores, and schools, and the area has a rural, quaint feel. 10 min Drive to Westfield, Costa & Ikea. The median house price in Burpengary is around $430,000, and the median unit price is around $290,000.


Approximately 20 kilometres east of Brisbane, along the coast between Wynnum and Manly, you’ll find the suburb of Lota. All the perks of a beachfront location, without the hefty price tag. Parks, cafes, and shops abound in this area, making it feel like both a suburb and a beach town. In Lota, an apartment will run you about $380,000, while a four-bedroom house will set you back around $660,000.


About 20 kilometres south of Brisbane, in a diverse and increasingly desirable suburb known as “Logan,” As the neighbourhood undergoes gentrification and becomes a more viable option for first-time homeowners, this is a great choice. It combines the conveniences of suburban life with the beauty of nature by providing access to numerous parks, lakes, and hiking trails. In Logan, a one-bedroom apartment will set you back about $255,000, while a four-bedroom house will set you back about $380,000.

Kippa Ring

Approximately 26 kilometres north of Brisbane, in the Moreton Bay Jurisdiction, the family-friendly suburb of Kippa Ring has been Brisbane’s top performer for many years. It’s got all the conveniences of a suburb and the allure of the coast, like good parks, stores, and institutions of higher learning. Kippa Ring has a median house price of $477,500 and a median Unit  price of $360,000.

Redbank Plains

Approximately 30 kilometres south-west of Brisbane’s central business district, Redbank Plains is a developing suburb in the Ipswich Jurisdiction that borders Springfield Lakes. The Cross City Rail Project is important because it involves the extension of a rail line through the suburb and its eventual connection to the Brisbane Central Business District. Redbank Plains has a median house price of about $410,000 and a median Unit price of about $290,000.


The family-friendly suburb of Narangba can be found about 26 kilometres north of Brisbane’s CBD. This suburb, which has already seen substantial growth, is on the cusp of seeing some massive school projects from the Catholic Church come to fruition, which will completely transform the area. There are plenty of parks, schools, and shopping centres, and the area has a rural, quaint feel. In Narangba, a median house price of $524,000 and a median unit price of $348,000 can be expected to be paid.

Bellbird Park

Located next to Springfield Lakes, the family-friendly suburb of Bellbird Park is often seen as a classier alternative to Redbank Plains, which appeared earlier on our list. It is only 22 kilometres south-west of Brisbane’s central business district, making it conveniently close to a major transportation hub. It’s got all the amenities of a typical suburban area, like parks, stores, and institutions of higher learning, and then some. Bellbird Park has a median house price of around $430,000 and a median Unit price of around $335,000.

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Property Manager Brisbane –  Top 5 Tips that Tenants need to know

Property Manager Brisbane – Top 5 Tips that Tenants need to know

Property Manager Brisbane
Property Manager Brisbane

As a Property manager in Brisbane, I can attest to the difficulty of the current rental situation for tenants. Finding and securing a rental property is difficult because demand is at an all-time high. Tenants can improve their chances of finding their ideal rental property by taking certain actions, however. In light of the current rent crisis, here are the top five things that tenants should do:

Tenants should be well-organized and ready, as there is a lot of competition for rental properties. This includes having references, income documentation, and identification ready and available. Tenants who are well-prepared will be in a better position to act swiftly once they locate a suitable rental property, which is especially important in the current market. Have all of this information ready to submit upfront so that the agency in question doesn’t need to spend days running around for you. 

Flexibility in property type and location is especially important in the current rental market. While tenants may have their hearts set on a specific neighbourhood or style of rental property, they may fare better by being flexible and open to exploring other options. Tenants can gain additional insight into their options by working with a Property Management Brisbane team.

The rental market is competitive, so it’s important to take the initiative in finding a place to live. This entails persistently monitoring online listings, making use of open houses, and signing up for property alerts. Tenants who turn up early, make themselves known to the agency as a great potential tenant that carries the right attitude will stand out from the crowd. 

Be Truthful-  Tenants should provide accurate information about their rental application, including their income and employment status. Property managers Brisbane will throughout check the information provided so if you have any challenges with your supporting documents, ask to speak to the property manager Brisbane and see if there is a solution that you can offer the agency. 

You’re APPROVED –  This is not the end of the process but rather the start.  Building up a strong relationship with your property manager in Brisbane will ensure that your next application is supported by the agency. Ensure that your rent is paid on time and get the rent transfer dates set correctly. Be a pleasure to deal with. The reference that this agency offers to the next time you want to move into the property is the Number 1 thing that agency will look to, when decided your conduct as a tenant.  

Tenants in Brisbane need to be proactive, flexible, honest, communicative, and prepared in order to secure their ideal rental property in light of the city’s current rent crisis. Finding a good rental property in the current market can be difficult, but working with a property manager in Brisbane like Locate Property can help you throughout this journey. Make yourself known, come in an introduce yourself anytime. For other tips, the REIQ can be a great resource.