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Property management. It’s all we do, and we do it well.

Locate Property are experts in Brisbane Property Management, operating without the distraction of being a jointly sales
focused agency. This means we are 100% focused on taking care of your property investments.

With a team of dedicated, experienced Brisbane property managers equipped with the latest systems and technology, our Brisbane
landlords experience the highest level of personalised service.


Each of our property managers is an expert and leader in their field. Principal, Suzana Wade, has been in the industry for over 20 years’ with extensive knowledge of the Brisbane Property Management market.


We deliberately keep the number of properties under our management to a smaller size. Our landlords know their manager and we know their properties.


Our state-of-the-art property and tenant management system and app means we can work effectively and deliver service, transparent communication, reporting and results for our landlords.


Non-traditional and personalised approach to marketing focused on getting your property starring online and attracting the right tenants at the right time.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Kogan Niu
Kogan Niu
I recently switched to Locate as my property management agent, and the difference has been remarkable. Unlike my previous the worst ever experience with other agent , Suzana and her team have been proactive, professional, and attentive in managing my rental property. From their forward-thinking approach to the way they treat the property as if it were their own, I’ve been thoroughly impressed. Communication has been a standout feature – they keep me well informed about every aspect of the management process. This level of transparency has significantly reduced my stress and allowed me to trust that my property is in good hands. I only wish I had discovered Locate sooner. They have exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of reliable and top-notch property management.
Robert MICHAEL Harniman
Robert MICHAEL Harniman
I would like to thank the team at Locate for making our move into our beautiful home so easy and pleasant.
Caleb Misso
Caleb Misso
Professional service, highly experienced and an all round pleasure to deal with. I would have no hesitation recommending Suzanna and the team at Locate.
CDM Maintenance
CDM Maintenance
Great service, quick responses and quality work, would recommend!
Ibzgtr01 g
Ibzgtr01 g
Highly recommended! Tammi and the team at Locate Property are well organised and professional at what they do. Thumbs up from me!!
Tayla Lloyd
Tayla Lloyd
Locate property is very supportive and will reach out to you for anything, Deborah especially been supportive and has attended all our needs
Lauren Brennan
Lauren Brennan
Deb has been an excellent property manager. She has been very communicative and helpful. She had balanced our needs as tenants with the landlords very fairly. Thank you for your hard work!
Era Muntyan
Era Muntyan
I had a fantastic experience with Suzana and her team. Suzana is very knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to her passion of helping people.Suzana went above and beyond to help me to find a place in this rental crisis. I have been with Locate Property for 1.5 years and highly recommend this agency.
Melissa McCullough
Melissa McCullough
Locate was able to find me new tenants within 24hrs of contacting them and secure a good rental price. Well done Locate!

How we do it.


We employ a meticulous tenant sourcing process, leveraging comprehensive background checks, rental history assessments and in-depth interviews to ensure the perfect fit for your property.


We conduct thorough and meticulous inspections of your property, employing a systematic approach that encompasses every aspect of its condition. 


Our comprehensive property maintenance services encompass a proactive approach, where we efficiently handle all maintenance tasks, from routine upkeep to unforeseen repairs.


We provide comprehensive reports with an in-depth overview of financials, occupancy status, maintenance updates and other crucial insights, ensuring landlords are fully informed.


Our insurance provides financial protection against risks, including property damage, liability issues and rental income loss, ensuring that landlords have comprehensive coverage.

How we can get started.

Embarking on a successful partnership is easy – simply reach out to us online or contact our Brisbane property management office directly. Our team is ready to guide you through a seamless onboarding process, ensuring that you experience the best in property management services from day one.

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Want to know more about Brisbane Property Management?

What is residential property management?
Residential property management is the process of overseeing and managing residential properties such as houses, townhouses, and apartments. It involves several tasks including finding and screening tenants, collecting rent payments, handling maintenance and repairs, and dealing with any issues or complaints from tenants.
Why is residential property management important?

Residential property management is the process of overseeing and managing residential properties such as houses, townhouses, and apartments. It involves several tasks including finding and screening tenants, collecting rent payments, handling maintenance and repairs, and dealing with any issues or complaints from tenants.

What is the meaning of property management?

Property management refers to the operation, control, and oversight of real estate properties. It can involve managing different types of properties such as residential, commercial, or industrial buildings on behalf of the property owner. The main goal of property management is to ensure that properties are well-maintained and profitable for the owners.

One of the essential responsibilities of a property manager is to find suitable tenants for the property, collect rent, and handle any issues that may arise between tenants and landlords. They also oversee maintenance and repairs for the property.

In addition to managing day-to-day operations, property management sometimes also involves long-term planning for the property. This can include developing marketing strategies to attract new tenants.

What does a property manager do in Australia?
A property manager is a professional responsible for overseeing and managing real estate properties on behalf of property owners. In Australia, property managers play a crucial role in the real estate industry. Property managers handle various tasks, including tenant communication, property maintenance, rent collection, lease enforcement, and overall property administration. They also act as intermediaries between property owners and tenants.
How do property managers handle property inspections?

Residential property managers regularly conduct inspections of rental properties in Australia. These inspections serve to assess the condition of the property, identify maintenance needs, and ensure that tenants are complying with the terms of the lease agreement. Property managers typically conduct scheduled inspections, such as before a tenant moves in or out of the property and periodically throughout the lease term. They also handle emergency inspections if issues arise.

During an inspection, property managers will walk through the property and take notes on any damages or necessary repairs. They may also take photos to document the condition of the property. Afterward, they will provide a report to the property owner and discuss any necessary actions that need to be taken.

Residential property managers may also use inspections as an opportunity to communicate with tenants about their responsibilities for maintaining the property. They may address any concerns or complaints brought up by tenants during the inspection and ensure that they understand their obligations under the lease agreement.

Can property owners in Australia choose not to hire a property manager?

Yes, property owners in Australia have the option to manage their properties themselves. However, many choose to hire property managers to benefit from their expertise and have the convenience of a professional handling day-to-day property management tasks.

What should I consider when choosing a property manager Brisbane?

When selecting a property manager in Brisbane, it’s essential to consider various factors to ensure your property is well-managed and your investment is protected. Here are key aspects we think you should look for:

  • Experience and expertise: Choose a property manager in Brisbane with significant experience in the local real estate market. Look for expertise in managing properties similar to yours, whether residential or commercial.
  • Qualifications and licences: Ensure the Brisbane property manager holds the necessary qualifications. Check if they are a member of professional organisations, demonstrating a commitment to industry standards.
  • Services offered: Clarify the range of services provided, including tenant placement, rent collection, property maintenance, and regular inspections. Understand if they offer comprehensive marketing strategies to attract quality tenants.
  • Tenant screening process: Inquire about the property manager’s tenant screening procedures to ensure reliable and responsible tenant selection. Ask about background checks, rental history assessments, and their criteria for approving tenants.
  • Marketing and advertising strategies: Understand how the property manager markets and advertises properties to attract a wide audience. Assess their online presence and promotional efforts to ensure effective property showcasing.
  • Communication skills: Evaluate the Brisbane property manager’s communication style and responsiveness. Ensure they provide regular updates on property-related matters and can communicate effectively with both property owners and tenants.
  • Maintenance coordination: Inquire about their approach to property maintenance, including responsiveness to maintenance requests and the process for coordinating repairs. Ensure the property manager prioritises keeping the property in good condition.
  • Transparent fee structure: Discuss the property manager’s fee structure, including management fees and any additional charges for services. Choose a manager with a transparent fee arrangement to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Knowledge of local laws: Confirm the property manager’s familiarity with Brisbane’s rental laws and regulations. Ensure they understand tenant rights, lease agreements, and the legal processes involved in property management.
  • References and testimonials: Request references from current or past clients to gauge the property manager’s reputation. Read testimonials or reviews to understand the experiences of others who have used their services in Brisbane.

By thoroughly evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing a property manager in Brisbane and entrust your property to a professional who aligns with your needs and expectations.

What questions to ask a property management company?

When interviewing a property management company, asking the right questions is crucial to ensure they are the right fit for your needs. Here are a few key questions to consider:

  1. Experience and expertise:
    How long have you been in the Brisbane property management business?
    Can you provide examples of properties similar to mine that you currently manage?
  2. Qualifications:
    Are your property managers licensed? What qualifications do they hold?
    Are you a member of any professional organisations in the property management industry?
  3. Services offered:
    What services do you offer as part of property management Brisbane?
    Do you handle both residential and commercial properties?
  4. Tenant screening:
    What is your tenant screening process?
    How do you ensure reliable and responsible tenant selection?
  5. Marketing and advertising:
    How do you market and advertise vacant properties to attract tenants?
    What online platforms do you use for property listings?
  6. Communication:
    How do you communicate with property owners and tenants?
    What is your approach to handling communication and updates?
  7. Maintenance and repairs:
    How do you handle property maintenance and repairs?
    Do you have a network of reliable contractors, and how quickly do you address maintenance issues?
  8. Rent collection:
    What is your rent collection process?
    How do you handle late payments, and what steps are taken for non-payment?
  9. Lease agreements:
    How do you handle lease agreements, renewals, and terminations?
    Can you provide a sample lease agreement?
  10. Local market knowledge:
    How familiar are you with the local rental market and property trends?
    Do you have insights into rental values and demand in the area?
  11. Legal compliance:
    How well-versed are you in local rental laws and regulations?
    How do you handle legal matters such as evictions if needed?
  12. Fees and contracts:
    What are your management fees, and are there any additional charges for specific services?
    Can you provide a clear breakdown of your fee structure?
  13. References:
    Can you provide references from current or past clients?
    Are there testimonials or reviews available that showcase your company’s reputation?
  14. Technology and reporting:
    What technology tools do you use for property management Brisbane?
    How do you provide property owners with updates and reports on their properties?
  15. Vacancy rates and turnover:
    What is your average vacancy rate for managed properties?
    How do you minimise tenant turnover?

Asking these questions will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the Brisbane property management company’s capabilities, processes, and approach. It’s essential to choose a company that aligns with your specific property management needs and goals.

Do you need a licence to be a property manager in Australia?
Yes, a licence is required to be a property manager in Australia. Each state and territory has its own licensing requirements, but generally, it involves completing a course or training program and obtaining a certificate of registration. In Queensland, a property manager must hold either a Registration Certificate or Full Licence from the Office of Fair Trading. Those that hold a Registration Certificate can be property managers, but must work for a principal of an agency or another relevant licensee. Those who hold a Full Licence can act as the principal of their own property management agency or as an independent contractor. An accredited course needs to be studied and successfully passed in order to be a Queensland property manager.
How to find a good rental property management company?

Finding a reliable and effective rental property management company is crucial for the success of your investment. Here are steps to help you find a good Brisbane property management company:

  1. Research local companies: Start by researching property management companies in the local area. Look for companies with a strong presence and positive reviews.
  2. Ask for recommendations: Seek recommendations from real estate agents, fellow property owners, or local landlord associations. Personal referrals can be invaluable.
  3. Check online reviews: Look for online reviews on platforms like Google or industry-specific websites. Pay attention to feedback from property owners who have similar needs.
  4. Verify licensing and credentials: Ensure that the property management company and its staff members are properly licensed and have the necessary credentials to operate in your area.
  5. Interview multiple companies: Conduct interviews with several property management companies. Ask about their experience, services, and approach to property management.
  6. Clarify services offered: Clearly understand the range of services offered by each company. Ensure they provide the specific services you need for your property.
  7. Check experience in your property type: Inquire about the company’s experience in managing properties similar to yours. This is especially important if you have specific requirements.
  8. Ask about the tenant screening process: Discuss the tenant screening process with each company. A thorough screening process can help secure reliable tenants.
  9. Understand fee structures: Clearly understand the property management fees and any additional charges. Ensure that the fee structure is transparent and aligns with your budget.
  10. Check technology and communication: Ask about the technology tools they use for communication and reporting. A property management company with efficient communication systems is beneficial.
  11. Verify compliance with local laws: Confirm that the company is knowledgeable about and compliant with local rental laws and regulations. This is crucial for avoiding legal issues.
  12. Review the management agreement: Carefully review the management agreement provided by each company. Ensure that the terms and conditions align with your expectations.
  13. Check for red flags: Be cautious of red flags, such as consistently negative reviews, lack of transparency, or unprofessional behaviour during the evaluation process.

By conducting thorough research, asking the right questions, and assessing the factors mentioned above, you’ll be well on your way to finding the best property manager in Brisbane for your individual needs, ensuring the efficient management of your rental property.

Why do landlords use managing agents?

Landlords often choose to use managing agents for various reasons, as these professionals can provide valuable services and expertise that make the property management process more efficient and effective. Here are some common reasons why landlords opt to use managing agents:

  1. Time efficiency: Managing a property involves various tasks, from tenant screenings to maintenance coordination. Landlords may lack the time to handle these responsibilities, especially if they have multiple properties or other commitments.
  2. Experts in property management: Agents are trained and experienced in property management. They understand the legalities, market trends, and best practices, helping landlords navigate complex issues and make informed decisions
  3. Tenant management: Rental property managers handle tenant-related tasks, including advertising vacancies, conducting screenings, and managing the leasing process. This helps landlords attract reliable tenants.
  4. Rent Collection and financial management: Managing agents streamline the rent collection process, ensuring that payments are received on time. This means landlords can avoid the hassle of chasing tenants for rent payments. Managing agents also handle financial aspects, such as budgeting and accounting.
  5. Property maintenance and repairs: Rental property managers oversee property maintenance and repairs, coordinating with contractors and ensuring that the property is well-maintained. This helps preserve the property’s value and keeps tenants satisfied.
  6. Marketing knowledge: Another benefit of hiring a property manager is their deep understanding of the local real estate market. They can provide insights into rental trends, pricing strategies, and market conditions, helping landlords make informed decisions about their properties.
  7. Conflict resolution: If disputes or conflicts arise between landlords and tenants, managing agents can act as intermediaries to resolve issues amicably. Their experience in handling such situations can help prevent legal escalation.
  8. Professional network: Managing agents often have a network of reliable contractors, vendors, and service providers. This network ensures that maintenance and repairs are handled efficiently and cost-effectively.
Why choose Locate Property for your Brisbane property management?

There are many reasons why we believe Locate Property is the best choice for your Brisbane property management needs. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring that your rental property runs smoothly. We provide a 24/7 online portal that can be accessed by both landlords and tenants, expert lease negotiation, a zero tolerance approach to rent arrears management, and landlord cash flow management. Each of our property managers in Brisbane looks after a portfolio of approximately 120 -140 properties, giving your investment the attention it deserves.