If you’re looking for a rental property in Brisbane, then it’s important to know which suburbs are performing well. This list is Brisbane’s best suburbs to buy based on data from core logic and will help you decide where to invest your money.

Being aware of how different areas are performing can be an asset when making decisions about real estate.


The suburb of Morningside has seen the strongest growth in terms of median rental price as well as a strong increase in population. It’s also one of the most sought-after suburbs to live in, which means it’s very popular with renters and owners alike.


This Suburb is another leading performer in Brisbane’s property rental market. It had a strong growth year-on-year, and the median price for rentals has gone up 40%. If you’re looking to rent or buy here, then now may be your chance as this suburb is going fast!


This suburb had an extremely strong performance this year, with the median rent increasing by over 15%. It also has a very high population growth rate, which is one of the things that attract renters to it.

Kangaroo Point

One of the most sought-after suburbs for rentals, this neighbourhood saw a significant rise in median rent which was close to 11% year-over-year.

East Brisbane

East Brisbane’s current economic performance is steady and it saw an increased number of renters in this area as well as a substantial increase in rental prices. 


With a median rental price of $800 per week, Bulimba is one of Brisbane’s leading suburbs, and for good reason. It saw strong population growth and increased demand for renters which resulted in the median rent increasing by 13% year on year.


Hamilton is another suburb that had a  strong year in terms of rental performance with the median rent increasing by over 11%. It also saw a significant increase in population.


Wooloowin is one of Brisbane’s most sought-after suburbs for renters. It had an increase of 11% in median rent and a population growth rate that was close to 18%.


Northgate | 10 Best Brisbane Suburbs For Property Investing | Locate Property

Northgate is a very popular suburb among renters, with plenty of demand for properties and the median rent increasing by close to 11%. The population also increased substantially year-over-year.

Seven Hills

Seven Hills was one of the neighbourhoods that saw an increase in median rent prices, and it is also a neighbourhood where there has been significant growth.

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