The Five Brisbane Suburbs Offering Renters The Best Value Rentals

Suzana Wade, Brisbane’s best source in the property management sector and principal of Locate Property gives her expert opinion on Brisbane’s cheapest suburbs to rent, giving them the best bang for their buck.

It seems like everything we read about these days is about the pressures in the rental market, and the capital of Queensland is no exception. In order to help you find the best rental opportunities in Brisbane, I have put together a list of the suburbs I think offer the best overall value for renters. I decided not to only look at Brisbane’s cheapest suburbs to rent, but I also took into account factors including median rent, amenities, proximity to jobs, and overall lifestyle.

I hope these five suburbs give you not only the “cheapest” but also the suburbs that offer the best value. Things like access to services, proximity to infrastructure, and not compromising on lifestyle have all been considered when complying with these 5 suburbs.


Houses rent for an average of $525 a week.

The average weekly rent for apartments is $350.

Rocklea contains a large number of homes and small businesses; it is predominantly an industrial region with some of the lowest median weekly rents on this list.

Although Rocklea is mostly industrial, it does contain a small residential sector and a few parks, including Fauna Parade Park.

The community is warm and welcoming and everyone is nice, according to the locals. Key highways, including the Ipswich Motorway, provide excellent access between the neighbourhood and the city.

With all the amenities you require, Rocklea is among the most affordable areas in Brisbane to rent!


$530 per week is the typical rent for a house.

The average weekly rent for units is $400.

Ripley is a developing area that is practically being created in front of our eyes. It is only 15 minutes from Springfield and 40 minutes to the south-west of Brisbane. With a total area of 4,680 hectares, 120,000 people will eventually reside in Greater Ripley. 

In addition to a medical centre, public transportation, stores, restaurants, and entertainment, the future village will have its own business district and schools.

With a large man-made lagoon, gorgeous parklands, and regional wine and food producers, the area offers plenty of things to explore and benefits from one of Australia’s best climates. Ripley Valley is an excellent neighbourhood to start a family in at a reasonable cost, with so much to offer and an opportunity to benefit from lower median rental prices while still developing.


The weekly median rent for a house is $495.

The average weekly rent for apartments is $430.

The suburb of Salisbury is found on Brisbane’s southern border. It has a population that is diverse, many of which are young families, and it offers reasonably priced homes.

The suburb features a mix of industrial and residential sections, as well as a number of parks and leisure centres. The picturesque Toohey Forest has some lovely walking pathways that are suitable for both adults and children.

Along with the influx of trendy hotels, artisanal eateries, and craft brewers, the region is also experiencing gentrification. The Salisbury train station is a good location if you are taking public transportation to commute to the CBD, offering easy access to the city.

Salisbury’s most well-known parks are Buhot Creek Park, which contains a playground and a bike path, and Koorawatha Park, which has a playground and a sizable open space.


The weekly median rent for a house is $480.

The average weekly rent for apartments is $390.

In Brisbane’s western region lies Darra. It is mostly a family-oriented residential neighbourhood that is well-known for its reasonably priced property and easy access to the city’s central business district via the Ipswich Motorway and Centenary Highway.

Darra has some of the cheapest rent in Brisbane, with the median weekly rent being among the most affordable.

In contrast to nearby suburbs, Darra rarely floods, giving residents a sense of security. Additionally, you still have access to two fantastic nature strips for pet owners: the Darra Dog Park and the Darra Reserve.

Springfield Lakes

The average weekly rent for a property is $510

The average weekly rent for units is $420.

Renters will find Springfield Lakes to be among the most reasonably priced areas of Brisbane. With some of the lowest rents in the city, this burgeoning area provides excellent value.

In addition to having convenient access to transportation, Springfield Lakes is well situated close to a variety of restaurants and shopping establishments.

Known for its lakes, parks, and master-planned communities, it is a relatively new suburb. The Orion Springfield Central Shopping Centre is located in this family-friendly community with top-notch public schools. Additionally, the suburb offers convenient access to the city with its own train station.

Springfield Lakes Park is one of the city’s most well-known parks; it has a lake, picnic spaces, and a playground that is ideal for young children. Additionally, there is Robelle Domain Parkland, which features a lake, a water park, and a playground.

That wraps up a look at Brisbane’s cheapest and best-value suburbs to rent. If you are a renter or investor in Brisbane and you want further information on all things property management, I’d love to hear from you.

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