Effective and transparent reporting 24/7.

How we do it.

Locate Property has partnered with the Managed operating software systems to ensure we offer a fully transparent and highly effective operating solution so that all relevant information and data is available to you 24/7.

The REA Group, which owns realestate.com.au, has made a large investment into the Managed operating system and it is not hard to see why owners are loving the Managed app.

Instant rent-to-owner payment transfer
(no more waiting for mid or end of month)

24/7 live reporting with real-time access for
owners and tenants

Digital wallet with automatic updates to
property ledgers

Automatic reconciliations to make tax time
simple and fast

24/7 nationwide tradie marketplace providing comprehesive access to trades

In-platform messaging and owner approval process

How we can get started.

Embarking on a successful partnership is easy – simply reach out to us online or contact our Brisbane office directly. Our team is ready to guide you through a seamless onboarding process, ensuring that you experience the best in property management services from day one.