New Farm vs Bulimba.  Currently the top two in Brisbane

New Farm vs Bulimba. Currently the top two in Brisbane

As the Principal/Licensee of Locate Property in Brisbane, I have had the chance to actively participate in all aspects of real estate in both of the areas’ enduring appeal. Throughout my entire stay, I’ve had the good fortune to spend a lot of time in Brisbane’s top two “most expensive suburbs.” Blue-chip assets like Bulimba Property and New Farm are both suitable for any portfolio. Given that both of these communities offer opulent lifestyles and exceptional real estate, it is impossible to choose which is “better,” but let’s examine the differences anyhow.

“The median home price in New Farm is $1.5 million, while that in Bulimba is $1.2 million,”

The most expensive area of Brisbane is New Farm, where homes typically cost $1.5 million. The median home price in Bulimba, which is the second priciest suburb, is $1.2 million.

The spectacular Victorian-style homes, lush gardens, and hip restaurants of New Farm, which is located on the north bank of the Brisbane River, are well-known. Due to its proximity to the city and cosmopolitan atmosphere, the neighborhood is a fantastic option for those who want to lead a hectic city lifestyle.

On the south bank of the Brisbane River, Bulimba has a more suburban feel with its calm, tree-lined streets and welcoming neighborhood. Families who value a laid-back pace of life will love the area’s abundance of parks and playgrounds, as well as its renowned dining and shopping establishments.

Both locations receive excellent service from the city’s bus and boat services, making it simpler for locals to get around. Bulimba has more schools because it is located in a more suburban area, including the prestigious Private All Hallows School, Balmoral State School, and Bulimba State School.

Both Bulimba and New Farm provide opulent lifestyles and first-rate real estate; each suburb has its own distinct personality and draw. It is impossible to choose a winner because both Brisbane suburbs are leaders in their respective fields. Whether you prefer a city or suburban setting, New Farm and Bulimba probably have something to offer. To choose which of these two suburbs, as opposed to Bulimba Property and New Farm, best suits their lifestyle and personal preferences, each person will need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each.

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