Ten Must Do’s Before Putting Your Property on the Market

by | Jun 11, 2020

So you’ve decided it’s time to put your property on the market? That’s great, but if you want to get the absolute most out of your property then preparation is your best friend.

We’ve put together our Top Ten list of tips and tricks that you can implement to give you the best chance of getting top dollar from your sale.

1. Have Every Surface Glowing

Give your property every chance of selling by making it glow. Buyers who see a glowing home have an easier time envisioning themselves living there and removes any easy points of criticism.

2. Spruce Up The Entrance

Hallways, doors and open spaces produce a terrific first impression and can help potential buyers to view the house as a home.

Try a fresh colour on the front door, a welcoming rug and some peaceful artwork to draw prospective buyers into your house.

3. Brand New Welcome Mat 

A fresh welcome mat adds style to your entryway and enhances first impressions. Having people remove their shoes before entering the premises adds class to potential evaluations and encourages great feedback and respect for the property.

4. Landscaping and Street Appeal

Street appeal is crucial to the sale of a property. Cut down, tidy up and clear out any plants, grass and shrubs to help impress potential buyers and create a great first impression and connection to the house. 

Never ever ignore the power of an appealing street frontage to make sure people pop in to inspect the home.

5. Pest and Building Inspections

Organising a building and pest inspection will ensure you can get rid of possible issues ahead of time. 

Use the info collected from the examination to offer buyers a benefit and peace of mind when working out your sale price.

6. Keep Design Neutral

Everybody has their own individual style they like to contribute to their house. The smart advice is to take your colours down a shade to show potential buyers a house that they can make their own.

Giving them room to see how it will match their furniture, artwork and soft furnishings is all ways best practice. Keep it simple and sophisticated and let the buyers imagination run wild.

7. Clean the Exterior

Giving the outside of your home a detailed clean is an efficient and economical way to make your house look more appealing and more likely to stand out to prospective buyers. 

Expert home cleaners are available to scrub your home’s outside from the rain gutters to the ground in just a couple of hours, so no excuses.

8. Minimise Contents

Time to begin packing up and making the home as free of your presence as possible. A house must present as simple to maintain and spacious. 

It ought to be ready and for the residents to move in; make sure possible buyers can see themselves living there from the moment they pull up into the street.

9. Leave it to the Professionals

Let your agent work for you. Do not spend time going evaluations when feedback is the next best thing to getting offers. People are most likely to offer more honest feedback when they can go over with their ideas without fear of upsetting the owners. 

So trust in your agent, let them do their thing and take care of everything that’s in your control.

10. De-Odour 

An extensive home clean will help to present your house as a clean and fresh environment. Have a good friend assess how your home smells and guarantee any family pet beds and other smelly products are eliminated and the area aired before opening the home for inspection.

Selling your property can be a fun and valuable exercise and if you follow these ten easy steps you are sure to be well on your way to getting a great price.

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